TIME :   10:30

PLACE:  Štrbské Pleso, Vysoké Tatry, SLOVAKIA

COURSE : Cross-Country, 12km


Lenght :                               12km
Surface :                             90% unpaved surface, easy alpine terrain
Ascent/descent:             450m/450m
Lowest point:                   1215m
Highes point:                    1470m

MAP :SNWT_2016_ELITE_2_Mapa

Conditions of participation

Race rules:

  • For Nordic Walking event of Slovak Nordic Walking Tour organised by Slovak Nordic Walking Association (more info on,
  • propositions of Slovak Nordic Walking Tour 2016 ( „propositions SNWT“)
  • propositions of this event

The organizer is not responsible for property or health damages related to the transport, stay and participation in the event. All competitors are obliged to secure individual health insurance. Each participant takes part in the race on his/ her own responsibility and is responsible for his/her health condition.


ID Category Birth ID Category Birth
MJ Junior 1999 – 2002 ZJ Junior/girls 1999 – 2002
M Men 1987 – 1998 Z Women 1987 – 1998
M30 Men 30 1977 – 1986 Z30 Women 30 1977 – 1986
M40 Men 40 1967 – 1976 Z40 Women 40 1967 – 1976
M50 Men 50 1957 – 1966 Z50 Women 50 1957 – 1966
M60 Men 60 1952 – 1956 Z60 Women 60 1952 – 1956
M65 Men 65+ Up 1951 Z65 Women 65+ Up 1951


Teams registered in Slovak Nordic Walking Tour compete in categories:

  • Junior
  • Junior/girls
  • Men
  • Women
  • Mix

Competitors will be classified  by age group at the registration.

Registration and fee payment

Registration for the event


Entry fee  :

  • 16,-€ for competitors registered online by 30.04.
  • 20,-€ for competitors registered online with s payment by 10.06.

Registration is NOT POSSIBLE on the day of the race.


Schedule of event

08:00 – 09:00     Presentation of competitors
09:00                     Event  opening
09:30                     Rules of NW , short intro of NW
Nordic Walking warm up

10:30                     Start of the race


Time measurement and starting system

Time measurement is liable to IAAF rules. Electronic measurement based on transponder chip technology is preferred.  Competitors will receive electronic chip at the registration point, palced on their start number.

Competitors will be given numbers on both sides, front and back for easier indentification during the race. Numbers must be visible during the whole race.

„Wave start” means that the competitors are put in order based on respective categories and the participants in each category start separately, maintaining intervals long enough to provide safe distances between the competitors in the starting groups (categories) in accordance with the instructions of the organizers.


On the track : water
Start/ finish : beverage, refresments

Dressing rooms

The Organizer will provide dressing and storage facilities near start/finish area. The organizer is  not responsible for the personal belongings of competitors.

Rescue and medical team

Paramedics are placed in the area of start / finish.

Nordic Walking rules and control of technique

Rules of Nordic Walking and control of compliance are placed on and in Proposition of SNWT.


Penalization and protests in terms of Propositions SNWT. Complaints and objections are turned in after the race not later than 10 minutes after the competitor passes the finish line.


The first, second  and third place in each category is awarded with medal.

Importan information

Competitors must submit a proof of identity along with signed proof of participation, that will be received in email after paying the entry fee. With a race number participant assume responsibility for their own safety.Also it declares that his/her health and physical condition allows him to participate in the race and he/she shall respect the principles of fair play, TANAP visiting rules and instructions of organizers, municipal police services and mountain rescue service of Tatra. During the competition, participants are required to place their race number with a chip on a visible place in the front of the body and the number without a chip on the back. Only participans with a visible race number have acces to refreshment on the track.

Each participant is required to provide help to another competitor who finds himself in the emergency situation. It is also necessary report such a situation to the Mountain Rescue Service, wether or to the referee. If participant decides to withdraw the competition without reporting it to a stuff member, he/she is obligated to cover expences and abide the consequences followed by his finding.