Sports events and competitions are an essential part of the development and popularization of Nordic walking. Slovak Association of Nordic Walking as an authority accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic actively promotes the development of Nordic walking in sport competition establishes rules and principles of compliance techniques NW at sporting events.

What is Nordic Walking SPORT different fromusual“ Nordic Walking?

In our understanding the sport Nordic Walking technique only by extending the basic techniques adopted by the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) „10 steps“ what we teach in our courses

Nordic Walking Sport has all the attributes of physical activities, sport commonly known to the public (such as running, cycling, swimming, etc.

  • working with different type of heart rate zones
  • activity is regular (more than 3 times per week)
  • systematic training is alternating intensity and duration of training (aerobic endurance training, anaerobic interval workouts, etc.) with emphasis on appropriate recovery
  • in planning and assessing the quality of training is used, heart rate, speed, cadence, etc. VO2max.
  • in a long distance is a critical factor NW correct technique and efficiency of movement

What are the Nordic Walking technique for competitions and  sporting events?

For sports competitions organized and covered by a SNWA, the following rules compliance techniques Nordic Walking


The basic rules of Nordic Walking Techniques

  1. Move by taking alternative steps, ensure that the leading foot is on contact with the ground before the following foot is lifted from the ground.
  2. Ensure that at no point are both feet be off the ground simultaneously
  3. Ensure that the arms and legs move alternatively.
  4. Use the poles so that they pass through all stages of the Nordic Walking technique from the plant through to the push behind the hips and torso Ensure that the grip on the pole is partially released from the hand only at the end of the swing
  5. Nordic Bounding,” “Nordic Running” and “Nordic Blading” are not

    permitted in a Nordic Walking race.

SNWA in Nordic Walking Sport

  • Organizes sporting events (MSR and European Championship in Nordic Walking, Nordic Walking Tour Slovak, …)
  • Represents and organizes sports competitions (UltraWalker / ms …)
  • Introduces Nordic Walking Sport to their accreditation courses and another courses
  • It provides referees training  for the functions of race marshals at events of Nordic Walking